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Why Piercing Jewelry?

For us, it’s often been a struggle to find beautiful earrings that suit our styles and personalities. We see piercing jewelry as both an alternative way to express ourselves, and a fashion in itself. We wanted jewelry that was truly piercing jewelry, crafted specifically for the various piercings we have without compromising on style and elegance.

After searching through mountains of beautiful, high-quality piercing jewelry items, we still couldn’t find anything that we truly fell in love with. So, we set out to create our own jewelry.

Why piercing jewelry? Piercing jewelry might seem modern, but in fact, this recently revived trend was once a tradition in ancient times. The history of piercings, just like our love for gold jewelry, is rich.

We are simply fascinated with piercings. Combined with our unconditional love for gold jewelry and the idea that we could give piercing jewelry identity and meaning again… it wasn’t long before LORE was born.

The Essence of LORE

As we were setting out on a mission to create high-quality, elegant piercing jewelry, it soon became clear that gold was the best material for us to use. Gold feels like an ancient metal, worshipped and loved by civilizations across the world throughout history. We feel it’s luster, history and beauty make it the best material for any jewelry.

We set out with our beloved gold, promising ourselves we would never sacrifice the essence of LORE:

  • Timeless, classical designs. We wanted our jewelry to feel timeless, jewelry that doesn’t go out of fashion this year, or the next, or the next. Piercing jewelry that you treasure for a lifetime.
  • Non-allergen gold. It was very important to us that our gold piercing jewelry be kind to our bodies. We use nickel-free gold that’s always at least 14k.
  • High-quality production. All our designs start with a very personal idea. We take our inspiration from the world around us to form the basis of our piercing jewelry collections. We have a dedicated Italian designer and master goldsmith whom we work with to ensure that each individual earring, no matter how small, is perfect.

Who is LORE?

We have several piercings ourselves and decided our bodies deserve better from the jewelry we wear. After a year of hard work, prototyping and refining our designs, LORE gold jewelry came into our lives.We are two  friends, Tanya and Oksana, passionate about piercing jewelry made from exceptional designs.

Along with our Italian designer and master goldsmith, we are LORE.

What to Expect from LORE

You can expect to find elegant designs made from non-allergic gold at a reasonable price. Above all, we want to provide gold piercing jewelry so you can express your individuality. Our jewelry is both alternative and classical.

We don’t compromise elegance in our designs with convenience. For example, we believe that closing mechanisms in piercing jewelry must be well thought-out, since piercings are quite sensitive and may be harmed easily. Piercing jewelry closings shouldn’t be uncomfortable or unsightly.

We try to design the mechanisms as conveniently as possible, but of course there is always room for improvement. We’ll continue to research and innovate to provide you with the highest quality pieces. 

LORE.gold Website Launch

We’ve only just launched our website, LORE.gold. The first collection is full of winter designs, inspired by cozy evenings, resting indoors by the fireplace and wild winter storms swirling around outside. We’re particularly proud of the diamond snowflake earlobe earring so make sure you go and check that out.

Each piece is made to order and handcrafted by our master goldsmith. Because of that, it typically takes us 2-3 weeks to ship the order. We currently offer free shipping to EU countries, the US and Canada.

We’re already so excited at the positive response we’ve received after launching our winter collection! Keep your eye on our website for new products, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on our jewelry designs. 


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