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Welcome to LORE. The modern way to wear gold.

LORE gold piercing jewelry is non-allergen and quirky, yet elegant and classic. Our jewelry is for bold women, unafraid of looking individual and timeless. The bespoke designs are brought to life by master goldsmiths using at least 14k gold. 

Our Story

We founded LORE Jewelry as 2 good friends passionate about high quality materials and exceptional designs.

Once we’d had several piercings done ourselves, we found that there’s a great need for high-quality body jewelry at a reasonable price. We were looking for timeless, high-quality jewelry pieces but not finding anything at all that was quirky and individual.
Instead of settling for lower quality jewelry, we decided to take things into our own hands and create the jewelry ourselves.
After a year of hard work, prototyping and refining our designs, LORE Jewelry came into our lives.
Piercing has become a norm in many societies and we feel that our bodies deserve to be decorated with elegance. Our jewelry is made of at least 14K gold (58% gold) based on nickel free alloys, which makes it non-allergic and suitable for all people.
We are very proud of our collections and hope that you too will find pieces that express your individuality with long-lasting quality and elegant designs.                                                        

Our Core Values:

  • Designed and handcrafted by us: We design and make all of our gold body jewelry ourselves from conceptualizing bespoke designs to the finished product.

  • Highest quality at the fairest prices: LORE jewelry is crafted by experienced goldsmiths using 14k gold and sold at honest, affordable prices so that more people can enjoy fine jewelry as daily wear.

  • Non-allergen gold: To prevent any allergic reactions, we make our jewelry from high-quality nickel-free 14k gold alloys.

  • Comfortable wear: We know that putting on and removing piercing jewelry can be a pain, so we made sure to design convenient and secure closing mechanisms. We will continue to innovate and provide you with the highest quality pieces. (Due to technical limitations, piercing jewelry is not as easy to put on as standard earlobe jewelry. We hope to change that one day.)

  • Timelessness: We are inspired by everything around us and strive to deliver unique timeless pieces that have their own timeless story to tell.

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